Create Interactive AI Strategies 101

This 3.5 hour workshop will equip your team to create an interactive AI strategy for your business. As customer expectations of voice, chatbot, and multimodal technologies continue to rise, your business will be able to lead the way.

"I hired CCAI to provide a workshop about conversational intelligence to my distributed and diverse team. CCAI delivered on the promise of collaborative and inclusive training sessions that up-leveled our team with new skills and alignment on our priorities as we design interactive experiences for customers. My team is now empowered to ask the right questions and has a common language for why we are using AI to deliver a superior experience." 

Darla Tucker, Director, Digital CX Solutions, Concentrix Technology Service


Product leadership and product managers (we recommend teams of no more than 10 for optimal interaction and 1 to 1 guidance).


A team workshop where CCAI will gather your business goals, give detailed guidance to guide the team on a path to create customer-centric interactive AI products via hands-on activities. The team will leave with a clear understanding of key technology concepts, market opportunities, user needs, and the resources needed to deliver on next-generation AI products both now and in the future. 

Your team will leave with

  • Methods to explore and find high-potential AI product and application opportunities

  • Processes and frameworks for deciding, defining, and prioritizing AI product delivery

  • Rationale and details for what skill sets are required to make the project a success

Image by Mesh

This workshop is right for teams who

  • Know that customer expectations from technology continue to rise and want to create experiences that make their users lives faster, easier, and more enjoyable

  • Own the delivery of interactive AI and want to get it right the first time

  • Understand conversational collaborative AI is a strategic investment

  • Desire the opportunity to innovate with conversational and multimodal interfaces


Follow up

Your team will receive a post-workshop deck for reference since we’ll be covering tons of ideas and want them to focus on learning, not note-taking. We’ll also provide a step by step approach that you can use as a checklist.

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