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Knowledge Sharing - Talks and Podcasts

From remote classrooms to international conferences, CCAI delivers thought-provoking content on the latest in conversational AI—backed by 25+ years of expertise with interactive products. Audiences get informed, inspired, challenged, and empowered with information they can put to work immediately.

Strategies for Conversational Product Experiences

UX Australia

Sydney, NSW August 2019

"Fantastic talk today!" - UX Australia talk attendee

Voice-Driven Products 

Products That Count

Seattle, WA February 2019

Voice Product Strategy


Lyon, France October 2018

Voice Product Creation 

Voice Summit

Newark, NJ July 2018

What We're Trying To Say


Wellington, New Zealand February 2018

"Really enjoyed your talk!" - Webstock talk attendee

Masterclass in Conversational AI

Conversations w/ Conversocial

Podcast, August 2020

Designing Digital Conversations

Content Strategy Insights

Podcast, July 2019

Fulfilling the Promise

Market Impact Insights

Podcast, October 2019

UX in the Age of Voice UI

Design Driven

Podcast, January 2019

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