Working with CCAI


When you need a high-performing AI solutions, start with us.

Let's not beat around the bush. Powerful technology doesn't automatically translate into easy-to-use products and reliable results. As Artificial Intelligence becomes an expected part of doing business, you'll want your customers to feel comfortable interacting with increasingly sophisticated tech.

You need CCAI because AI can't learn how to act like a good human by itself just yet.

AI interfaces should support natural requests from users and just work; connecting them easily with rich sets of actions and information. CCAI leads in achieving that for voice assistants, smart devices, chatbots, and multimodal natural language applications.


Inviting your customers to have conversations takes a thoughtful balance of strategy, design, planning, execution, and optimization. It's not easy. We begin every engagement with a candid conversation about where things are now for you and where you want to get to. Next we help you create the journey to reach your objectives.

Workshops to prepare your team

Create Interactive AI Strategies 101

This 3.5 hour workshop equips your team to create an interactive AI strategy for your business. As customer expectations of voice, chatbot, and multimodal technologies rise, your business will be able to lead the way.

Design Strategies for Conversational AI 201

This 6-hour workshop will equip your team with principles and advanced design techniques for conversational collaborative AI—chatbots, voice, and multimodal apps. Ensure that your product will deliver a superior interaction experience.

Using Data to Optimize Interactive AI

This 3.5 hour workshop covers the techniques needed to improve the performance of conversational collaborative AI products and applications, including voice, chatbot, and multimodal.

Consultation Service Packages

Office Hours

Six to ten sessions in a quarter with one of our experts to discuss strategy, design, optimization, and answer to pressing questions. We will assess your needs to plan out the sessions, and adjust as priorities evolve.​ Topics might include opportunity spaces, goals and requirements​, increased revenue, greater efficiency, customer experience, performance metrics, and ​definitions of success.


Performance Enhancement via Heuristic Analysis

With the current state of interactive AI, you are likely to see results you did not anticipate or want. Heuristic analysis can identify potential issue areas and key ways to immediately improve performance. We give you a template to gather information and data. Within a week of the template being completed, you receive a report of the improvement steps to take and recommendations for deeper investigation.


Corporate Presentations

CCAI delivers engaging 30 - 60 minute talks on cutting edge Interactive AI topics. Attendees will leave entertained and inspired. Talks can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Product strategy and planning for adding Interactive AI to your business offerings

  • Interactive AI product design principles and practices, including conversational and multimodal interactions

  • The trajectory of Interactive AI in the future

  • Setting and achieving business goals for Interactive AI