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When Build is Better Than Buy for Conversational AI

The business case for conversational AI

There are many instances where conversational AI that is easy to use can be a game-changer for your business. Whether you want to free up your support staff time for the questions that matter or enhance human agent efficiency and drive revenue through online conversations, conversational AI connects your customers to your business better than ever.

Envision a system that is built to handle millions of customer messages and you can listen to, support, and engage with them on channels they love.

Long-term investments are better than short-term gains

A chatbot provider wants you to subscribe to their chatbot service. An IVR provider wants you to buy their solution. A voice assistant agency wants you to buy their services. And you probably already have an in-house team focused on your customer journey and customer support. SaaS may be everywhere these days, but combining all that results in a series of disconnected experiences for your visitors—designed in silos—which might answer an immediate need, but won’t provide the comprehensive brand identity and quality of service you want to be known for. And, you are building your solution on rented property. You have dependencies you cannot control. That agency could go out of business or could change their pricing model, hurting your revenue. Are those risks you can live with?

Hold out for the best possible outcome

You’ve already hired designers, engineers, product managers, and others who know your company’s mission. If you invest in your talent, they can deliver a comprehensive interactive AI experience that amplifies the brand and grows with your business. CCAI’s mission is helping companies of all sizes build and nurture customer relationships by blending the best of AI and agent-based technology, which enables companies to meet soaring customer expectations while allowing your team to do what they do best.

Imagine this for your team and vision

Maybe you need a solution that is purpose-built to automate repetitive requests, tasks, and workflows all the way up to complex interactions. Maybe you’ll need that from now on. Personalize customer engagement by putting the power of AI in the hands of the people who know your business best. Offer dynamic content that encourages customers to chat and interact in the ways they expect and that feels cohesive from application to application because the design isn’t done by different teams who don’t know about the other efforts.

With guidance and the right approach (this is where we come in), your team can deliver this. We offer strategy workshops to help your team identify the mission ahead. Perhaps your team knows the mission but isn’t sure how to design and build it. We also offer design workshops. In addition to workshops, we have content your team is welcome to access at any time as they think about crafting dialogue, building their skills, and taking their strategies for conversational product experiences to the next level.

Using the power of data

Insights mined from customer interactions are exponentially more valuable when you can translate them into sales, support, success, marketing, and product team performance improvements. We have a blog post that gives you tips and best practices. Not sure you have the right data collection in process? We have data-driven optimization workshops to address this and performance enhancement via heuristic analysis consulting services if you prefer.

I know what you’re thinking

We all know that a lack of team alignment on mission, priorities, and effort is the fastest way to sink a project. While it might be unavoidable to purchase certain technologies for your projects, the risk of misalignment increases when involving multiple vendors that don’t share your vision or have the same outcomes at stake. We’ve discussed here how building for the long term versus buying can result in better customer experiences and business outcomes. If you are in a situation in which you want to see big returns on investment and you are ready to invest in your team capabilities, increase long-term employee morale, and end up with assets you own and control, let’s talk.


Looking to build your team for creating voice, chat, or multimodal applications? CCAI offers a 3.5 hour workshop for companies that want to build a conversational AI competence.

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