Design Strategies for Conversational AI 201

This 6-hour workshop will equip your team with principles and advanced design techniques for conversational collaborative AI—chatbots, voice, and multimodal apps. Ensure that your product will deliver a superior interaction experience.

"Definitely our best talk/workshop to date!" - DePaul University design program head


Product managers, designers, and engineers (we recommend teams of no more than 10 for optimal interaction and 1 to 1 guidance). This is a 200 level class and assumes attendees have a fundamental understanding of interaction and interface design.



In this workshop, CCAI will give detailed guidance to enable your team to create customer-centric interactive AI products that deliver exceptional design for voice, chat, or graphical AI interfaces. The team will leave with a clear understanding of key principles and concepts, discuss experience goals, a review of customer and user needs, and understand effective processes and team makeup needed to deliver next-generation AI products both now and in the future.


Attendees will leave with

  • Core knowledge and skills for design in the conversational marketplace

  • Concrete concepts and frameworks for designing conversational product experience

  • Clear understanding of when chat, voice, or a multimodal interface will result in the desired outcome


This workshop is right for teams who

  • Need expertise to design conversational and multimodal AI interfaces

  • See the opportunity to up-level the user experience using conversational and multimodal interfaces

  • Own the processes for delivery and maintenance of the customer experience

  • Know that customer expectations from technology continue to rise and want to create experiences that make their users lives faster, easier, and more enjoyable


Follow up

Your team will receive a post-workshop deck for reference since we’ll be covering tons of ideas and want them to focus on learning, not note-taking. We’ll also provide a step by step approach that you can use as a checklist. 


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"I love how you present the information, both knowledge, skill, and restraint as voice still has some challenging hurdles! Much of my team was there, and it was great for them to experience this knowledge in a well organized, thoughtful manner." - IA Conference workshop attendee from Microsoft