CCAI - A Record of Success

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) continue to radically change how businesses use data and serve customers. Products and insights into customer behavior that were challenging or impossible in the past are becoming expected. Systems that were limited to static behavior can now be adaptive and personalized.

This new power, though, requires more intensive efforts to get the desired results, create good customer experiences, and avoid negative outcomes. There many failures out there, however. The same expertise that built your web and mobile presence probably won't cut it. 

That's where we come in.

CCAI's expertise means you can pursue ambitious AI and ML goals for your business. We have the smarts and experience to make your strategies and plans reliable and successful. 

Over 25 years, our work has benefited hundreds of companies during billions of customer interactions. We've improved performances by triple-digit percentages and added millions of dollars to bottom lines. 


Businesses from startup to enterprise, across industries from airlines to web services, have trusted us to guide and assist them and been glad of it. We deliver strategic planning, innovation, product management, experience design, and performance tuning. Whether you are working with AI assistants, smart devices, multimodal interfaces, ML-powered natural language technologies, web services, developer tools, or customer service, the outcomes you want are in reach with CCAI on your side.